My User is Broken

My user is broken, it has no idea of the strengths of the character it operates. The amount of points it can score,  the number of records it can set, only if we played for a bit longer.

Instead I keep getting thrown into unknown lands, working on different challenges, leveling up to just enough before it gets really difficult. I can master any of them, if we spent a bit more time playing the same game. Every time the game gets the tiniest bit difficult, we start playing a different game.

What is it looking for? Easy wins? How many games can we keep on trying before it realizes that it isn’t gonna get any better if it doesn’t keep playing. For hours and days and months and years. As long as it takes to be best at it. But no, I know it is just a matter of time before I end up in a different universe, learning the rules to a different game, play around for a while before getting zapped into the next one. 

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